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February 21, 2013
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Catwoman Concept Art by Malignante Catwoman Concept Art by Malignante
I've always been a big fan of the 'goggle' costume of Catwoman's--I think it's really practical. I wanted to see if I could make that concept even more practical in terms of armor and protection.

The purple section of the suit is supposed to be leather, but I've been having difficulty showing leather's distinctive reflective quality. In this instance, I think it has to do with the universal side-light. Even with leather highlights of a similar shade, their placement is... off. I also meant to do a bit more shading on the plates, and add some texture overall, but I got tired of it.

Anyway. This is part one of my Selina concept art. We'll get to see her again, out of costume when I'm done fiddling with that concept. In general, I'm keener on a curvy, but muscular Catwoman. Unlike some of the people she'll be running around with in my comic, she doesn't have enhanced reflexes or strength or durability or the most powerful weapon in the universe, so things need to be practical. After shading and coloring, though, she looks less muscular than she does in the base, which I will submit along with the civilian version, probably.

Given how much I've already rambled, I'll include the character profile in the next concept art for her. XD